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Sherry, I want to thank you for being there when I need you! You are pleasant, calming and patient when I call with questions about son’s trust accounts with ACT. I work with other organizations that don’t answer the phone or call me back!  You on the other hand are always responsive to my questions and I am confident that my issues or question will be addressed. I wish more organizations would respond and treat me the way ACT staff do! Thank you!

Esther A, Parent


This is a belated but heartfelt thank you for all of your help and support over the last several months of Chris’ life.  It made a huge difference to me.  You certainly bring a caring heart to your clients, and we are lucky to have you.

I thought you’d like to see this article that appeared in the WSJ about a week after the funeral.

Thank you again,


Tracy Blake DeVlieger, Sister

Hello, this is Denzel, I want to thank Milly my TA, ACT and its Board for providing me with the SEPTA key cards through the pooled discretionary fund. This support allows me to get to work each day. I am grateful. God Bless and have a great day!

Denzel M., Beneficiary

“Thank you for all that you do to keep families cared for within this trust community. We’ve been very pleased with the service ACT provides! Our family appreciates you!” 😊

Suzanne Heckathorne, Parent

Hello Milly,

Thank you for everything that you, your director, and ARC have done for us. Andrews dental work has all been paid for through the Pooled Discretionary Fund. He got his tooth prepared and a temporary crown on, so his next appointment is just a walk in to get his final crown put on his tooth.

We attended the Pet Expo Where Andrew was able to hold some rescue birds. He loves animals more than anything else in this world and it’s good to see him happy and smiling again! ACT’s assistance made this all possible!

Thank you!

Regina Gill, Sister

Chrissie, Thank you so much for your kindness. you do an amazing job. My brother and I are going through some health challenges and your assistance is very much appreciated!

Lois Cramer, PARENT

Dear Ms. Mitchell,

I just want to let you know that I appreciate your time and consideration with managing my Trust. Whenever you need to smile, just read this little note!😊

Tanya L., Beneficiary

Learning to work from home has been a huge challenge but I’m grateful to still have a job. Thank you for all you do to handle our disbursement requests especially through this challenging time. I so appreciate it. I hope you are staying well and I’m wishing you health and peace. 😊

Suzanne Heckathorne, Parent

Enhancing Lives – Protecting Futures – Providing Peace of Mind

Thank you for your interest in Ardent Community Trust of Pennsylvania (ACT). ACT is a non-profit corporation incorporated in Pennsylvania for the purpose of administering a pooled special needs trust for the benefit of individuals with disabilities. We also act as Trustee for other special needs trusts, including; First Party and Third Party Special Needs Trusts as well as educational special needs trusts.

Used properly, special needs trusts can improve the quality of life for many people with disabilities. To help you discover which trust may fit your needs please review our site and specifically the Trust Overview. Ultimately, ACT is here to support you and your family.

Because each person’s situation is different, we urge everyone who is contemplating a special needs trust to consult with an attorney with specialized knowledge of trust law and of the laws related to benefits for those with disabilities.

For further information please call us at 610-265-4788 or fax us at 610-265-4688.

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Day-to-Day with ACT

Our day-to-day special needs trust services include, but are not limited to:

If you have questions, need  guidance or would like to speak to an ACT staff member about a specific issue, please send us an email through our contact form. ACT also is able to provide organizations and groups speakers on a variety of Trust and Trust related topics. Simply contact us and we are happy to make the appropriate arrangements. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Supervising all aspects of the trust and at all times acting in the beneficiary’s best interests;

  • Offering a line of defense against undue influence from existing friends or family, outside caregivers, and new friends who may suddenly appear once a trust is funded;

  • Abiding by the terms of the trust and reviewing each distribution against a standard of “reasonableness”;

  • Taking custody of cash, maintaining transactional records for receipts and disbursements, preparing tax letters and tax returns for the trust, issuing account statements and providing accountings as required by the court as well as other outside authorities;

  • Monitoring and reviewing the performance of the investment manager and making changes that are in the best interests of the beneficiary;

  • Coordinating the payment of bills and expenses, and taking charge to follow through on implementing many of the services outlined in a care plan for the beneficiary;

  • Maintaining relationships with other service providers in an effort to contain costs, including public benefit agencies and medical cost containment companies;

  • Determining if it is necessary to purchase a vehicle or house and identifying the specific needs as well as coordinating the purchase;

  • Coordinating payroll for caregivers recommended by a case manager, if such services are not provided by a private agency or Medicaid; and

  • Supporting the implementation of recommendations made by a case manager to enable the beneficiary to receive the highest quality of care.


In 2001 ACT was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in Pennsylvania for the purpose of administering a pooled special needs trust for the benefit of individuals with disabilities.  Over the years ACT also became Trustee for other special needs trusts, including Third Party Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with the assets of someone other than the Trust Beneficiary; Non-Pooled Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with assets belonging to the Trust beneficiary; and, educational special needs trusts.

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