Committed to enhancing the lives of those we serve

The Staff of ACT are a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals with an extensive background in trust administration, social services, governmental benefits and consumer engagement.

Our team is committed to enhancing the lives of beneficiaries as well as provide peace of mind to their families and others who are responsible for their welfare. We are here for YOU!


B. Scott Camilleri
B. Scott CamilleriExecutive Director
Scott Camilleri is the Executive Director of ACT and was a long standing member of the ACT Board of Directors, including serving as the Board’s President.

Prior to joining ACT, Mr. Camilleri spent more than 7 years as the Executive Director of The Arc Alliance Foundation, raising awareness and financial resources in support of individuals with special needs and their families.

Scott began his nonprofit career in Higher Education as Director of Graduate Admissions at Eastern University. His professional development and institutional advancement experiences range from higher education, international health to social service agencies. Scott served as a member of The Arc Alliance Leadership team and member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Scott received his B.S. in Marketing from Messiah College in 1990 and his M.B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University in 1996.


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Trust Administration

Name                                                         Position                                                    Ext                          Direct Dial           

Deborah McCormick        Director of Fiduciary Services                       Ext 808            484-680-7984

Carin Connor                       Trust Administrator                                               Ext 812            484-489-0860

Milly Mitchell                       Trust Administrator                                                Ext 803            610-268-9452

Sherry Moore                      Trust Administrative Assistant II                      Ext 805            610-265-4605

Christina Rahm                   Trust Administrative Assistant                         Ext 802          610-268-9451

George Reitnour                ACT Legal Counsel                                                  Ext 807            484-680-7980

Financial Administration 

Name                                     Position                                                                       Ext                          Direct Dial           

Bernice Reed                     Controller                                                                         Ext 813            484-680-7981

Sophia Myers                     Accountant I                                                                     Ext 809            484-680-7982

Jim Yadavaia                       CPA

Office Support   

Name                                    position                                                                       Ext                          Direct Dial           

Shirell Crutchfield           Office Administrative Assistant                               Ext 801            610-265-4788