Should you have an ABLE Account or Special Needs Trust?

An ABLE account may be the resource that aids you in addressing needs limited in your Trust! There are many discussions on what account may work better for a beneficiary. Meaning, should you open an ABLE account or start a special needs Trust. Those are good discussions and question to ask. But what can be more beneficial for you and family is; How can you use both to maximize the your benefits?

So your loved one qualifies, Now What?

If the beneficiary meets the ABLE Account eligibility requirements, you will need to simply establish the account. Follow this link to establish the new ABLE account. LINK TO PA ABLE

If you you need assistance with a Trust, please contact ACT and we will assist you through that process. Use the link above to review the options available through ACT. If you already have both a Trust and an ABLE account simply contact your Trust Administrator and they can discuss how to best utilize both options to meet your needs and situation.

Additional considerations that may be of assistance