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ACT is pleased to provide video resources to assist you in your journey. These videos are provided as information and NOT as legal advice. ACT works with a variety of qualified Special Needs Attorneys that can address specific legal questions and assist you in preparing stand-alone Special Needs Trust. Please contact us here at ACT if you would like additional information on local attorneys.

As always, if you have specific questions regarding the content of a video, please contact us at ACT. We are happy to discuss and clarify anything to further assist you through this important process.

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Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Needs Trusts

There are several names people and professionals use in describing a trust for an individual with disabilities. Initially, these trusts were called Supplemental Needs Trusts but in 1993 the Special Needs Trusts appeared. Is there a difference? This video sheds light on this topic.

Pooled vs Stand-Alone Special Needs Trusts

This video provides a general overview and highlights some of the differences between Pooled and Non-Pooled Special Needs Trusts.

Additional Videos

ACT is continually working on producing and identifying additional video resources to assist you in your investigation and understanding of Special Needs Trusts. Please continue to check back on this site as well as follow Ardent Community Trust on facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube to stay connected!

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