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ACT – Ardent Community Trust of Pennsylvania

Formerly The Arc Community Trust of Pennsylvania

In the late 1990’s three concerned Arc’s from our local community decided, in effort to support individuals with special needs and their families, that they would work together and establish The Arc Community Trust of Pennsylvania (ACT). The Arc of Chester County, The Arc of Delaware County and The Arc of Montgomery County worked together, gained funding and launched ACT in 2001.

In 2001 ACT was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in Pennsylvania for the purpose of administering a pooled special needs trust for the benefit of individuals with disabilities.  Over the years ACT also became Trustee for other special needs trusts, including Third Party Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with the assets of someone other than the Trust Beneficiary; Non-Pooled Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with assets belonging to the Trust beneficiary; and, educational special needs trusts.

From the beginning the vision of ACT was to provide individual’s and their families a charitable organization who understood their issues, shared the vision of independence and worked to provide a safe vehicle to preserve resources, safeguard individual’s governmental benefits and provide families the security of knowing their loved one’s financial interests would be cared for by a compassionate charity.

Over the years the three founding Arc Chapters have played a critical role in the oversight of ACT by nominating board members and supplying professional experience and support. Although ACT is an independent 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, we owe a great deal of gratitude to the three founding Arc Chapters. Today, The Arc Alliance (formerly The Arc of Montgomery County and The Delaware County Advocacy & Resource Organization (formerly The Arc of Delaware County) continue to be involved with ACT through their provision of board members.

Today as Ardent Community Trust of Pennsylvania (ACT) we serves over than 500 individuals, with more than $46 million in assets under management. Our growth is based on our commitment on the belief that everyone should have the chance to live securely and independently, and our services empower people to make choices that are meaningful to them and to their families.

The board and staff of ACT look forward to serving you and your loved one. As our history shows, ACT looks to provide quality trust management as well as resources and support to both individuals with disabilities and their families. If you have questions or would like additional information on how ACT and a special needs trust may assist you prepare for the future, please contact us.

Which Trust Will Work For You and Your Loved One?

Special Needs Trusts

A Special Needs Trust is a very specific kind of trust that offers the option of keeping someone eligible for public benefit programs while also receiving the benefit of a supplemental fund.  This supplemental fund can pay for an entire range of services and goods that are not covered by public programs.

Special Needs Trusts can be established with funds that belong to the person who is receiving public benefit programs or with funds that belong to someone else such as one or more family members.  Different rules will apply depending on whose funds are used to establish the Trust, but the person receiving public benefits will still receive the benefits from the Trust no matter which rules apply, so long as the Trust’s rules are followed.

There are several kinds of Special Needs Trusts with different names, but they all share the common trait of maintaining eligibility for asset-tested public benefit programs.  The names that are used to describe these different kinds of Special Needs Trusts can be confusing, but they do not need to be.  Just keep in mind that there are only three different kinds of Special Needs Trusts, and they are not confusing if explained in plain English.

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