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State Institution Closures

Governor Wolf Vetoes Bill Seeking to Stop Closure of Polk Center Why should you care? First and foremost, it’s a social justice issue of discrimination against people with disabilities, including unnecessary segregation and isolation away from family members, friends and the community. Second, is the cost of maintaining this process while knowing that living in the community leads to better care and lives for those individuals. There are countless studies, article and scholarly reports outlining this fact. In the 1960’s a national movement began to de-institutionalize [...]

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Glossary of Terms

Not sure what Grantor or Settlor means? How about Inter vivos? I'm sure as you have investigated establishing a Special Needs Trust, you more than likely have discover terms that are unfamiliar. You want to create a trust for a loved one or help them create their own trust and that's where things get fun. Is the trust you want a Special Needs Trust or a Supplemental Needs Trust? YES! Will the trust be a First-party, self-settled SNTs, Medicaid payback, OBRA ’93, d4A, pooled or a d4C [...]

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What kind of Trust is a Special Needs Trust?

Why a Special Needs Trust? A Special Needs Trust (SNT), also known as a Supplemental Needs Trust, is a specific kind of trust that is tailored for an individual with disabilities. The reason there are SNTs has to do with regulations regarding Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a government program that assists people with low incomes who have special needs. In order to qualify for SSI, an applicant or beneficiary can have only $2,000 in their own name. If the person has more than $2,000 in [...]

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In 2001 ACT was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in Pennsylvania for the purpose of administering a pooled special needs trust for the benefit of individuals with disabilities.  Over the years ACT also became Trustee for other special needs trusts, including Third Party Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with the assets of someone other than the Trust Beneficiary; Non-Pooled Special Needs Trusts, which are funded with assets belonging to the Trust beneficiary; and, educational special needs trusts.

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