The Beneficiary or the Beneficiary’s authorized representative submits a Request for Disbursement form with appropriate supporting documentation to ACT via email, fax, or mail for the Beneficiary’s supplemental needs.

The Trust Administrator assigned to the account reviews each request to determine its appropriateness in light of the Trust’s terms and any benefits that the Beneficiary may be receiving.

If the request is approved, the funds from the trust account are released for payment to the vendor, service provider, or person for whom reimbursement is sought.  Please note that Social Security regulations prevent reimbursement directly to the Beneficiary under any circumstances.

Depending upon the nature of the request, the request may be paid through ACT’s business credit card.  For such requests, after the payment is authorized on ACT’s card, the funds are deducted from the Trust.

For Beneficiaries who use ACT’s restricted debit card service, cards are loaded with trust funds monthly following review of receipts for purchases made in the prior month.  Please refer to the instructions for further information regarding issuance and use of restricted debit cards.