Building a strong future!

ACT is now - ARDENT Community Trust of Pennsylvania


As the Executive Director of ACT, I want to thank you for your confidence in ACT for the management and oversight of your Special Needs Trust. I also am excited to share news about ACT’s new name and our shared vision for the future.

ACT’s mission remains the same for two decades; to serve as trustee for a variety of special needs trusts with integrity and in a manner that exceeds best-practice fiduciary standards, protecting public benefits and financial assets for the beneficiary. In an effort to build on this mission, we embarked on a journey 24 months ago to strengthen and increase ACT’s capacity to best serve you and all we support.

During this time, ACT board of directors, staff and I have been transforming ACT on many levels. The changes have included an increase in our technological capacity, increased communication engagement, automation of processes and strengthening policies to support you in a professional and compassionate manner. I trust you have noticed the improvements in our response times, trust engagement and in your overall experience.

Through this evaluative and envisioning process, we felt that ACT required a name that better expresses our commitment and dedication to service–Ardent Community Trust of Pennsylvania (ACT). Over the next few weeks and months you will see the transition from our old name to Ardent Community Trust of Pennsylvania. You will also notice our website and email address change as well. The old website address and emails will seamlessly be redirected and reach the right person.

The new name, Ardent Community Trust of Pennsylvania, signifies the emotion, passion and commitment we have for all we support as well as the fervent pursuit in maintaining high standards of fiduciary responsibilities. ACT’s board of directors, executive leadership and staff share a common commitment to our new name and to the standards of service our name implies.

As we envision the future, we are also committed to expanding supports and services to enhance your life and provide as much financial independence as possible. We look forward to sharing these new opportunities and resources as they become available.

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